Questions on the chapter 4.4 ‘We Media’ and Democracy pages 102-112

  • What is Dan Gillmor referring to by ‘Big Media’?
  • What is an oligopoly?
  • In Gillmor’s view what is the internet going to do this dominance? And how particularly?
  • In research studies by Boyd what emerged as the key findings teenage use of MySpace?
  • What did Herring conclude in a study of youth identity and digital technology?
  • Define Hegemony. [NB This is attributed to Gramsci.]
  • Name some organisations which exert hegemonic control.
  • Name the three individuals who have media control today.
  • Name three other individuals or organisations that have particular power in other arenas today.
  • What would Karl Marx have said about why Hegemony works?
  • In Althusser‘s view what were the two forms of state control?
  • When isn’t the first form needed?
  • Make sure you have also read the China and Google article and of course the examiner’s tip!!


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