Questions on the chapter 4.3 Media in the Online Age pages 89-101

  • What in particular has broadband internet distribution changed?
  • Whose theory is called ‘the Long Tail’? [Read the case study through.]
  • Summarise this theory.
  • What is realised about the shape of the demand curve as a consequence of this idea?
  • What are the 5 key ideas in the Wikinomics theory?
  • Suggest a criticism for each of these.
  • Why does Leadbetter think the web enables more creativity and innovation? Use his World of Warcraft example in answer.
  • Why is the BBC so enthusiastically embracing downloads of its programmes?
  • Why is it so successful?
  • Is it successful? Give an example.
  • How is this a useful tool to the BBC?
  • How has radio kept up with the online age?
  • What is the important change with web radio?
  • Read the section on ‘GTA IV online’ – how is GTA IV different from GTA III and why is it so popular?
  • Explain the perceived problems with copyright and [IP] Intellectual Property.
  • Read the Examiner’s Tip!!!!


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