Questions on the chapter 4.2: Global Media pages 67-82

  1. Who introduced the idea of the ‘global village’?
  2. What does the term mean?
  3. What does Robertson mean by his description of globalisation as ‘both the compression of the world and the intensification of consciousness of the world as a whole’? answer with an example.
  4. What does Waters suggest?
  5. What does Moores mean when he says the local is not ‘marginalised‘ … but ‘instantaneously pluralised‘?
  6. Bauman talks about winners and losers. Who are the losers and why?
  7. What other term is used to describe the lack of this facility? [P 70]
  8. What issue might there be with the perception that US culture has become the norm across the world?
  9. In quantitative terms what has access to broadband done beneficially?
  10. How about qualitatively?
  11. There are two kinds of successful hybrid programmes. How are they different? [P 73-75] and give examples.
  12. What is citizen journalism?
  13. List some of the issues for news which arise out of the proliferation of citizen journalism.


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