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  1. News is central to what? PSB
  2. Why has news volume increased on the main channels? More daytime and weekend news
  3. Why do viewers have more choice? 24 hour news channels
  4. What is meant by ambient news? Available from different sources throughout the day.
  5. What has happened to the length of bulletins? Got longer.
  6. What became known as the News at When and why? News at Ten, no fixed slot
  7. Which terrestrial channel has the most news? BBC
  8. How is BBC’s breakfast programme described in comparison to GMTV’s? Harder news
  9. What kind of news programme is Newsnight? Current affairs.
  10. What does C4’s news programme offer more of? Analysis.
  11. Who are C5 aiming at in their programmes and how do they describe their style? A younger audience and to have ‘attitude’.
  12. Interactive services: how do you access the interactivity? Press red on the remote.
  13. What does this interactivity give the viewer? Greater feeling of ownership, greater choice.
  14. Why have the costs not increased hugely in this field? Costs can be spread over greater number of hours, fixed costs remain the same.
  15. Which channel cut its 24 hour news service in 2006? ITN
  16. Apart from BBC and ITN who is the other main player in the UK? Sky.
  17. What did the ITC discover about news agendas in the UK? Similar.
  18. How much so? 80% overlap
  19. The university of Westminster however discovered what? Range broader than many other countries
  20. How much have audiences decline in the past 10 years? 6% – 10%
  21. What factors have led to this? Fragmentation; scheduling changes (News at Ten!)
  22. Which sector of the market has fallen the most? Under 35s
  23. What makes the overall picture differ from year to year? Major events like…
  24. In terms of demographic profile what is the BBC’s in comparison to Sky and ITV? Older and more ABC1
  25. Which of the 24 hour channels has the highest audience share? Sky
  26. What have discovered about the public’s perception of the importance of news? Most important of all PSB genres
  27. Where do viewers go for breaking news first? 24 hour channels or internet.
  28. What two tenets do viewers strongly support? Choice of news suppliers / at least one main news bulletin in peak hours.
  29. What do a minority believe? News is dumbed down.
  30. What is more worrying? Only 53% trust the impartiality and accuracy of news now.
  31. What aspect of news has there been a decrease in interest in? politics.
  32. Which aspects seem to have increased in the last 20 years? Crime, human interest and sport.
  33. Which newspaper styles are our news programmes still most like? Broadsheets.
  34. Why has the content of news broadcasts and agendas changed? Because society has.
  35. Who is regarded as more important than Gordon Brown to many today? David Beckham.
  36. What is the importance of news for the channel now? Helps to define it.
  37. What pleasure do 24 hour news channels offer their viewers? ‘instant news gratification.’
  38. What problem was identified by the OU after Sept 11th with regard to ethnic audiences? They felt less trust.
  39. Where do they tend to turn for their news? Niche broadcasters and the internet.
  40. Why don’t some executives see this as a problem? ‘Main news must be of interest to all.’
  41. Why has Fox News gained attention? Because of its brashness and its perspective on media matters.
  42. What pressures has news provision come under? (List 4)
    Falling audiences
    Competition from digital
    Impatience of viewers who don’t want to wait so turn to 24 hour channels
    Changes in lifestyle and audience interests.


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