ITKOTC Revision

‘Perhaps it would be all right.’

Chapter 10 Found and betrayed.

Read the notes.

Read p157- 161 odd sentences!

How is Kingshaw affected by Hooper’s treachery? To what extent does he behave like a normal child and to what extent not?

Look back at the sentence above here – what technique does Hill use to raise and dash our hopes and expectations? What effect does it have on both the reader and the character Kingshaw?

P 163 to 166

What is added to our knowledge and understanding of the relationship between Mrs K and her son?


Chapter 11 Hooper locks Kingshaw in the shed

Read the notes.

Things are building to a crescendo. What sets off this next incident? See p 169 + 170

What is Kingshaw afraid of in the shed? How does it bring his fears to the fore? P 170-180

Why doesn’t Kingshaw tell his mother the truth?


Chapter 12 Leydell Castle

Read the notes.

Read p 184 4 lines up to top p 186

P 188 middle to end p 190

To what extent are we surprised by the events which happen in this episode? Think about the journey, the setting, the adults’ behaviour, Kingshaw’s own prior experiences, the expectations and behaviour of the boys, the language Kingshaw uses.

How does Kingshaw’s behaviour towards Hooper when he gets stuck mirror his behaviour in the wood. What does Kingshaw learn by the whole experience? How far is the end of the incident similar to the way the wood incident ended?


Chapter 13 Hooper falls off the Castle.

Read the notes.

On your own read p193 – 205

How does Hill create and relieve tension in the aftermath of Hooper’s fall? What is Kingshaw afraid of and why? Think about his lack of knowledge, the way he was ignored, his school memories, Mrs Boland and his dream.


Chapter 14 Kingshaw meets Fielding

Read the notes.

On your own read p 207-226

Look at the way Fielding is introduced by the author as a deliberate antithesis of Hooper. Make a list of opposites of the two including their home lives but especially including the different ways they treat Kingshaw.

    How far can the introduction of Fielding be seen to undermine Kingshaw’s ability to continue?

    What does Kingshaw admit to Fielding?

How does the author use animals again as symbols to highlight Kingshaw’s fears and character?


Chapter 15 Hooper returns.

Read the notes.

Look again at the end of ch 14 and the start of this. What technique is the author using? Why?

    How far is Kingshaw’s mother completely negligent of her child’s needs in this chapter? How is Mr Hooper also completely oblivious?

    What methods does Hooper use to immediately reassert his power over Kingshaw?

What animal does Kingshaw identify with in this chapter and why?

What object brings matters to a climax?


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