Is Kingshaw doomed or is there anything he can do to avoid his fate?

What happens?


The threatening note

Doesn’t tell anyone

The fight

Mother tells him not to spoil her chance

The crow    he wanted to go this mother

He never did – he made himself cope alone

Crow on the bed

He would not go to his mother

Locked in the Red Room

Refuses to talk about it

Followed to Hang Wood

Lets Hooper know he wouldn’t have hit him

Returns to look after Hooper

Loses the battle with his conscience and sense of responsibility

Hooper blames him for the accident

Despite his outcry the adults refuse to believe him

Adults preoccupied with each other

Ignore evidence of the boys’ growing distance

Kingshaw’s safe ground gradually eroded:

Mother turns to Mr Hooper

Learns he will be going to Edmund’s school


Adults ignore Kingshaw’s feelings and don’t involve him in the decision process

The outing to Leydell Castle leads to

Kingshaw feels guilt but meets a friend

Disaster for Hooper

Hooper returns to Warings having been filled in on everything Kingshaw has done


Kingshaw feels hopeless, he spoils the perfect family picture

Mrs Kingshaw gives Hooper Kingshaw’s model

Kingshaw breaks the model to prevent Hooper having it

Learns the adults are getting married

mother exhorts him not to do anything to ruin it for her

The circus trip

Mrs Kingshaw invites Fielding over to tea


Charles feels he has lost his friend even before it can happen; he drives Fielding away

Kingshaw destroys the battle plans

Hooper sends him the second note

Kingshaw realises that the only way to be happy is to remove himself from the situation, that way he won’t ruin his mother’s chance at happiness, she’d never forgive him (or herself?) if she learned the truth now.

Only way out is suicide



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