Notes for students

Collective Identity

  • ‘Collective identity refers to the shared definition of a group that derives from its members’ common interests, experiences solidarities. It is neither fixed nor innate, but rather emerges through struggle as different political actors, including the movement, interact and react to each other.’
  • Remember 75% on present contemporary texts i.e. within the last 5 years, and the other 25% on past and future…
  • Remember 2 media at least! And a variety of texts within them.
  • Sociological and cultural studies can inform this debate.
  • Why do we accept the media’s understanding of identity?
  • Why do the media give us particular perspectives?
  • What do the industries have to do with representation of social groups?
  • Why?
  • How do they affect us? Or other readers?
  • Look at ppt 2 on shared area on Chavs case study.
  • See also David Buckingham’s slideshare on Reading the Riot Acts
  • Also a ppt on Muslims.
  • The key prompt questions are about:
    • Contemporary different representations
    • Compared to the past
    • Social implications of representations
    • To what extent increasing mediation?

We Media and Democracy

  • Present 75%, past and future 25%
  • Two media at least e.g. blogging, uploading of film, YouTube, Facebook, Google,
  • Gillmoor ‘all media that are homegrown, local and organic’ potentially counter-cultural
  • Know the debates e.g. freedom, democracy, censorship, regulation, integrity, news and newsworthiness…
  • E.g. how free is the internet? Should there be regulation of the social network sites? How free is content e.g. music? Is mainstream news more reliable or more credible than that produced by the consumer? What about the riots of 2011 and the ‘incitement’ on Twitter and Facebook? What about cyber bullying?
  • Check out
  • PPT 3 Facebook and the General Election – is this more or less democratic?
  • The key prompt questions are:
    • What are we media?
    • Where / how has we media emerged?
    • Contemporary media more democratic than past?
    • Or Less democratic?


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