Pop quiz on the examples of religious experience

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Which bit of his body did John Wesley feel was ‘warmed’? His heart

Who was praying in a cave? Muhammed

Who felt ‘Joy, joy, joy’? Blaise Pascal

What emotion did Catriona Devereux feel surrounded by? Love

Which gospel was Anthony Bloom reading? St Mark’s

What was Isaiah’s feeling about himself when he had his vision of God? Unclean

Name another of the prophets who had a vision of the glory of God? Ezekiel

What mission did these two both have in common? Talk to the people

Who was being baptised when he felt the Holy Spirit upon him? Jesus

Who was afraid to look at God? Moses

Who was so obedient to God he even offered up his own son as a sacrifice? Abraham

What was Mary’s first reaction to the Angel’s greeting? Fear

Who was persecuting Christians when he encountered God? Saul

Why did CS Lewis bury himself in his work? To avoid god!

What have all these got in common? Unexpected!


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