Compare how the plot /storylines contribute to representation of gender in your two chosen sit-coms

June 2007


Men Behaving Badly

Gary’s storyline is how he’s coping after being dumped by Dorothy

Tony’s is his temporary girlfriend after a long period of abstinence who finds his porn stash and who dumps him when he is unable to get rid of it on the basis of needing it if she dumps him, which of course she then does!

The plot concerns the dinner party held to rival Debs’ which fails and articulates Gary’s very personal failure.

Gary is physically dumped on by a pigeon in the park to add insult to injury; dumped by his ‘best Friend Clive‘ who took a better offer (the two birds he was bringing to the dinner party); humiliated by his outside caterer who turns up at the most inopportune moment with a ‘selection of cold cuts‘ and a scotch egg made of the ‘finest scotch’ and the ‘shell left on’ because his pub is ‘having the oven sandblasted’, and all this in front of Dorothy and her new boyfriend; humiliated himself by being un able to resist childishly mocking the new boyfriend’s moped ‘it’s a Harley Davidson actually‘ and stupidly boasting ‘I did go to university’ ‘no you didn’t’. He is also let down by Tony who would rather get ‘sexy‘ with Jill than attend the dinner party despite knowing how much Gary had put into it ‘your friend said he was going to light the candle,’ says Jill, Tony’s luck returns to normal after Jill dumps him and then he and Gary bond in a bout of male togetherness with a particularly tuneless rendition of Lady in Red followed by the rather appropriate ‘I’m a wanker’ song!!


Ab Fab

Edina’s storyline is the impending visit of an old friend she used to feel inferior to and has always felt the need to try to impress.

Patsy’s is being unceremoniously dumped by her only friend Edina and the methods she uses to make Edina realise she doesn’t need her.

The plot concerns the complete disparity between Edina’s memory of Bettina in the 70s and her as a neurotic, frazzled and overprotective new mother. Finally Edina recognises that her version of Bettina was idealised and unrealistic and rejects her by sleeping with her husband thereby making her leave. Things return to normal next day when Patsy turns up as usual.



Daphne’s storyline is her and Nile’s dinner party to impress some art critic friends with a new painting by well-known local artist Mike Shaw. Everything goes wrong of course.

Niles is his usual ineffectual self desperately trying to keep everything together while not quite understanding why things are going wrong. ‘doesn’t he realise you can only get these miniature easels at Liliputiana dollhouse and miniatures’ says his brother Frasier, displaying his superior knowledge of a rather feminine aspect of life!

Frasier’s storyline is based around his being ousted as ‘Lord Mayor of Partytown’ as Daphne calls him but ending up having to ‘save the day.’

Martin, the brother psychiatrists’ father and retired, disabled, cop, has quite a lot of fun being given the opportunity, through a misunderstanding regarding his identity, to take a few pot shots at his son’s taste in art!! ‘I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time!’

The plot rather farcically revolves around mistaken identity (Martin Crane mistaken for Mike Shaw the artist); art snobbery, the guests with the pretentious names, the requisite gay arty friends and damage to the new acquisition (which is of dubious artistic merit anyway!) and Frasier’s attempts to rescue Daphne’s burnt offerings and not get caught by Niles doing it. …


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