Notes on Jodie Foster

  • Child of a single-mother; not maladjusted like Drew Barrymore or Michael Jackson
  • Graduate of Yale University – English Lit
  • Bilingual in French
  • Not bimbo fodder
  • Child performances marked by unsettling maturity in 70s
  • Feisty women on the edge in 80s
  • Partners to unlikely leading men in 90s Gere, Gibson and Woody Allen
  • To leading ladies who single-handedly carry major mainstream vehicles – Contact, Anna and the Kling, Panic Room.
  • Two directorial ventures under her belt
  • Egg Pictures is her own production company.
  • A celebrity single-mother herself – three lone parent portrayals
  • Also directed Holly Hunter as a single mother.
  • Hollywood’s classiest actress, driven by liberal sensibilities, has a penchant for playing working class women.
  • Her feminist choices are often underpinned b y a class agenda
  • Her preparation for her roles consists of critical interpretation – where her lit degree comes in!
  • ‘If Foster’s female characters are grown up children this may be because they’re haunted by the girl actor whose sassy hard work paved her career in the 1970s.’
  • She repeatedly explores the unlucky choices women make.
  • Her women often fail either in work or in love but particularly succeed only in the first by repressing sexuality. A woman can never be just a woman.
  • Her women are therefore representations of contemporary femininity, having work without love or love without work but never both.
  • However grown up Jodie Foster gests the child will always be mother to the woman.


In other words her background has shaped her choices about roles and her image and what she is like.


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