Collective identity in Juno

Kids room, burger phone, assumption about abortion girl’s preoccupation with sex and male parts; boy’s bike; school locker covered in stickers, condoms offered by girl receptionist playing on game boy, nose-ring, black make up, defying social norms,; subverts expectations that young people have abortions without thought but fulfils expectations about teen pregnancy – th9ough sex without thought of the consequences

Language – teen speak, ‘do me a solid.’ ‘rad’; blue slushies,

Parents – (the boys’ mother makes dinner, cares about him eating)

Nickname June bug by her parents

Liberal parents but very supportive though disappointed

Parents hoping she was expelled or into hard drugs!

Juno’s handshake with the lawyer.

Boyish dress, plaid shirt, hair tied back contrasted with her friend Leah who is a cheer leader but dresses in skirt, jewellery, hair long and down.

Mark represented as not having left his youth behind him, guitar, comics

Prejudice of ultrasound technician ‘poisonous environment’ to bring up a baby in.

‘drunk tons of booze, ate junk

Juno is an intelligent yet cool kid; very cool and calm about the whole thing, practical and level-headed; quite knowledgeable on music and films – into slasher movies!

Rebellious language and behaviour (poured slush puppie in step mom’s pot!)

Puts lipstick on to go visit Mark. Made to realise Mark sees Juno differently from

Dances are for nerds and squares.

Paulie – athletic but not a jock; does his homework; Paulie’s room – bed like a racing car!, sitting on floor rather than at desk, constructed as immature – young, hurt, sensitive but ignored by Juno.

We come to realise that Juno thought she was giving her baby everything she didn’t feel she had: a loving supportive environment, material wealth – every advantage she doesn’t have. Then she finds out Mark and Vanessa’s life is not what she thought.


St Trinians – use the bit where the different groups are introduced to the new girl.


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