Does Ayer think this?

  1. That the existence of a god of any non-animistic religion is even probable?
  2. That a religious man is merely asserting that his assertion ‘god exists’ entails no more than that certain phenomena occur in certain sequences?
  3. That the term god is a metaphysical term?
  4. That the assertion God exists cannot be true or false?
  5. That the assertion ‘there is no god’ is nonsensical?
  6. That the question whether a ‘transcendent god exists is a genuine question’?
  7. That either of the assertions in 5 and 6 express propositions at all?
  8. That assertions such as ‘Jahweh is angry’ may be allowed to be significant?
  9. That the notion of a person whose essential attributes are non-empirical is an intelligible notion?
  10. The mere existence of a noun ‘god’ is enough to foster the illusion that there is a real being corresponding to it?
  11. That the noun ‘God’ is a genuine name.
  12. That there can be any transcendent truths about religion?
  13. That God is an object of faith not reason?
  14. That it is impossible for a sentence to be both significant and about God?
  15. That a state of mystical intuition is not a genuine cognitive state?
  16. That it is logically possible for men to be acquainted with God?
  17. That there is no reason why one should be prepared to believe a man when he says he is seeing a yellow patch and refuse to believe him when he says that he is seeing God?
  18. That an act of intuition can reveal a truth about any matter of fact?
  19. That any philosopher who states that he simply knows any moral or religious truth is merely providing material for the psychoanalyst?
  20. That religious experiences are interesting from any point of view?


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