How to write up your charity research findings

I suggest you do it on the computer so you can add to it or amend it later if needed.

We have looked at:

  • 2 junk mail campaigns
  • lots of leaflets
  • Barnardos
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Wonder bra – age concern
  • Unicef
  • The Leonard Cheshire Foundation leaflet
  • Etc

Your write up is to summarise what you have learned about the techniques charities use to raise awareness, raise money and induce guilt.

Look for examples of images used and what effects they have on people.

Look for examples of language used e.g. imperatives, urgents, demand for immediate response, emotive language, words that induce guilt, sympathy or what ever.

Discuss attitudes to adverts, those that were complained about, on what grounds, why taken off, what constrains advertisers.

Victim or empowerment?

You will be able to add to these findings from the Barnardos work from tomorrow and our group survey findings.


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