Revision of ITKOTC

Read the introduction. Pages 1-8

Chapter 1 We meet the Hoopers at the death of the grandfather

Read pages 11-12

How does the chapter set the scene for what is to follow? What clues are there? Look at setting, language, relationships, characters.


Chapter 2 Charles Kingshaw and his mother come to live at Warings    

Read the notes.

Draw chart of conflict and tension to be filled in ongoing.

Read p 23-25    What happens next and why?

Read page 31-34 the break    How does this incident (with the battle plans and Mr H) illuminate Edmund’s character and why he does what he does?

Read p 35-36 2/3 way down    What are the clues to the end? What insight do we get into Kingshaw’s character?

    What have we learned about the boys so far?


Chapter 3 The crow

Read the notes. SYMBOLS

Read p 40-43 end para 2 The Crow incident.    What aspects of what is to come are foreshadowed in this section?

Read p 43-45 line 1     Look at the childish language and behaviour. Why does Hill use this technique?

Read p 46 top para    What insight do we gain into Hooper’s character?

    How and why does Kingshaw react the way he does?

Read p 48 2/3 way down.     How does K feel about H?

P 49-50 The breakfast table, cereal and toy – how does it help lull Mrs K and Mr H.

P 50-54 The Red Room – in what ways is this room made menacing? Look at the stuff in it / name / weather / smell / memories evoked by it.

P 55-56 Kingshaw’s school. Contrast his feelings of security here with how he feels about Warings.


Chapter 4 Kingshaw finds the room; Edmund goes to London and K plans to run away.

Read the notes.

Read p 61 2/3 way down -62 the break.    What is Hooper reading? How does his father feel about him?

Read p 66 middle    Look at how Kingshaw feels about running away.

Read p 70 Note Hooper’s reaction to realising Kingshaw’s plan.

Read p 71    Why has Kingshaw decided to run away?



Chapter 5 Kingshaw makes his escape from Warings.

Read the notes.

Notice how the author describes the weather and atmosphere of the morning. Look at the contrast between the excitement of Mrs Kingshaw in her new relationship with Mr Hooper and the nervous anticipation of Kingshaw at the prospect of escape and freedom.

Read page 75 8 lines up – 76 break;

p 77 top to break;

p 79 bottom to p 82 end of para 1;

p 83 after the break to 85 after the wart appears

then p 87 para 2 to Safe.

How has the author managed to evoke an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity and what clues are there to the change?


Chapter 6 Hang Wood – Hooper appears.

Read p 89 except last 2 lines

P 90-91

P95 para 2 – p99 ‘I want to stop.’

P100 ½ way down to end.

Notice how animals become important in this section (including ch 7). They are used as symbols and also to further expose Kingshaw’s fears. Write about the animals the boys come across and how their different attitudes show how different the boys are and reveal clues about their natures.

Make notes on the physical description of the wood from the holly tree, smells and sounds, through the leaves and trees to the stream and pool. How does Hill conjure up particular atmospheres? How does she create tension and release it? Why? What is her purpose in this technique?


Chapter 7 The Thunderstorm

Read the notes and further activity.

P 103 top half

P 104 5 lines down to bottom of 105

    This is the first time we have seen Hooper afraid. How is his fear presented as different from Kingshaw’s? Why is he not bothered at showing his fear?

P 107 4 lines up – 111 top The Rabbit. What does the discussion reveal about the differences between the boys?

P 116 ‘Come on Kingshaw.’ To bottom 117

P 119 middle from ‘But’ to ‘face’ and 120 middle ‘There are a lot of moths’ to middle p 121 ‘unfair’

P 123 4 lines down to bottom.    What has Kingshaw realised about their differences? How does Hill raise and dash our hopes that things might change for Kingshaw?

P 127 middle to middle p 128    Kingshaw realises that he could just leave. How does he feel? With what does this compare from earlier in the novel? How does he justify his decision to stay?

Kingshaw finds Hooper face down in the water. Note how K reacts and how this contrasts with what happens when they are found.


Chapter 8 Hooper picks several arguments with Kingshaw

Read notes.

P 139 most of, p 140 2nd to last para to 141 break

He makes insinuations about Mrs K how does it reveal what he really feels about his mother?

Hooper has a nightmare. How does Kingshaw deal with it and what does he feel about himself after? P 143 btm to mid p144.

P 149 line 3 to top p 151

By the end of this Hang Wood section which of the boys has the upper hand and why?


Chapter 9 The end is in sight.

P 154 2/3 way down to btm and middle para p 155 ‘Kingshaw did not answer’

    How are we persuaded that things will be all right in this chapter?

‘Perhaps it would be all right.’


Chapter 10 Found and betrayed.

Read the notes.

Read p157- 161 odd sentences!        How is Kingshaw affected by Hooper’s treachery? To what extent does he behave like a normal child and to what extent not?

Look back at the sentence above here – what technique does Hill use to raise and dash our hopes and expectations? What effect does it have on both the reader and the character Kingshaw?

P 163 to 166

What is added to our knowledge and understanding of the relationship between Mrs K and her son?


Chapter 11 Hooper locks Kingshaw in the shed

Read the notes.

Things are building to a crescendo. What sets off this next incident? See p 169 + 170

What is Kingshaw afraid of in the shed? How does it bring his fears to the fore? P 170-180

Why doesn’t Kingshaw tell his mother the truth?


Chapter 12 Leydell Castle

Read the notes.

Read p 184 4 lines up to top p 186

P 188 middle to end p 190

To what extent are we surprised by the events which happen in this episode? Think about the journey, the setting, the adults’ behaviour, Kingshaw’s own prior experiences, the expectations and behaviour of the boys, the language Kingshaw uses.

How does Kingshaw’s behaviour towards Hooper when he gets stuck mirror his behaviour in the wood. What does Kingshaw learn by the whole experience? How far is the end of the incident similar to the way the wood incident ended?


Chapter 13 Hooper falls off the Castle.

Read the notes.

On your own read p193 – 205

How does Hill create and relieve tension in the aftermath of Hooper’s fall? What is Kingshaw afraid of and why? Think about his lack of knowledge, the way he was ignored, his school memories, Mrs Boland and his dream.


Chapter 14 Kingshaw meets Fielding

Read the notes.

On your own read p 207-226

Look at the way Fielding is introduced by the author as a deliberate antithesis of Hooper. Make a list of opposites of the two including their home lives but especially including the different ways they treat Kingshaw.

    How far can the introduction of Fielding be seen to undermine Kingshaw’s ability to continue?

    What does Kingshaw admit to Fielding?

How does the author use animals again as symbols to highlight Kingshaw’s fears and character?


Chapter 15 Hooper returns.

Read the notes.

Look again at the end of ch 14 and the start of this. What technique is the author using? Why?

    How far is Kingshaw’s mother completely negligent of her child’s needs in this chapter? How is Mr Hooper also completely oblivious?

    What methods does Hooper use to immediately reassert his power over Kingshaw?

What animal does Kingshaw identify with in this chapter and why?

What object brings matters to a climax?


Chapter 16 The circus; Fielding comes to tea.

Read the notes.

Read bottom p 258 – 259 4 lines up.

Read p 260 ½ way down to 261 2nd para.

Read p 265 all.

Read p 267 after the break to end of chapter.

In this chapter how does Hill set us up for the denouement (the climax or culmination) of the story? (refer to events / relationships between Mrs K and her son / Kingshaw’s expectations and disappointment / the weather / Hooper’s actions and Kingshaw’s final action.

What do you think of Kingshaw’s actions at the end of the chapter?

What information do they hold secret at the beginning of the chapter? What do we learn Kingshaw is afraid of now? How does he physically react?

What do we learn about Joseph Hooper in this chapter?


Chapter 17 The note; Kingshaw commits suicide.

Read the notes.

Read p 271 line 1 and after the break to top p 272.

Read p 273 from the note to the end.

    To what extent is his suicide planned? Is he in full command of himself? How does he feel at the end?

    How do Mrs Kingshaw and Hooper react?

    How do you suppose the next chapter would go if there were one?


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