I’m The King of the Castle Quotations


Mrs Kingshaw

Mr Hooper



Mrs Boland



‘I don’t want you to come here.’


‘I must think of myself a little more.’


‘He wanted to go to his mother…but he never did go to her …he made himself cope alone.’


‘……………gave ……….a long look of hatred.’


‘He did not attract luck to himself, he attracted unluck. Bad things happened not good things.’


‘Oh but they do not show everything, he is bottling it up. He is only ten and that is no age , no age at all.’


‘Well it is so nice to see them shaking down together after all… I think they may be friends.’


‘She felt a little ashamed of not wanting to take Charles with her…’

‘She worried a great deal about her capacity for motherhood, about whether she said the right things.’


“How well the boys have settled down together.”… They talked at length about their children, knowing nothing of the truth.


‘He thought, I was stupid, I could have bashed him with that stick, bashed and bashed his head in.’




‘You are all I have left now.’


“It’s only dead. Dead things are finished, they don’t matter”



Hooper’s own fear in the thunderstorm had been absolute and ye tit had gone, it might never have happened. Kingshaw knew he was quite powerless to use it as a weapon. Hooper’s fear had been a straightforward response to an outside situation. But his own was quite different and Hoper had the measure of it, he had done so since his first day at Warings.


“Nobody’s father would buy them a watch that cost fifty pounds.”

“My father would…”


If Hooper died it would be his fault.


‘ “I wouldn’t really have hit you.”


‘I don’t want them to find us. Not now. This is alright. I want to stay here. Perhaps it would be alright.’


‘He began to say… But he let his voice tail off. It was useless . Whatever they believed didn’t matter. They hadn’t even bothered to ask why. He could not explain.’


‘I shall not make a favourite of my own child, especially when the blame for this lies with him.’


“Edmund is not quite like all your other friends…”

“I hate him.”


“… this is alright. He felt light-headed, exulting I the freedom of it. “I’m the king of the castle”……… thought suddenly, I could kill him…


“Charles don’t you remember my telling you that it is not the very bravest people who are unafraid.”


‘She’d never really been able to make him out… Perhaps being here with Mr Hooper was helping him. Yes.’


“Look Hooper isn’t my friend at all, I hate Hooper, I keep on telling you and telling you. He’s a baby and a bully… I wish he had been dead.”


He is only eleven years old… I will not worry.’


‘For she had decided simply to ignore it, this silly persistent talk about their not being friends … it was a phase.’


‘……………was unable to explain. All the things ……………had done and said were crowded inside his head but it was impossible to convey how terrible they were.’


“Charles is a changed boy…it has done him so much good to have a companion.”‘


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