I’m The King of the Castle: Questions on chapters 1-12

  1. Read chapters one and two.
  2. Write a description of Warings.
  3. Make notes about the three generations of Hoopers.
  4. At the end of chapter three write diary extracts for Charles Kingshaw and Edmund Hooper exploring their feelings about the other and referring to details of their dealings with each other.
  5. How has the author used the weather to emphasise Kingshaw’s feelings and the trauma of the events which have happened to him so far.
  6. Read on and do character studies of Mrs Kingshaw and Mr Hooper. What do they look like, wear, expect out of this relationship, attitudes to their children etc.
  7. Read to top of page 81.
  8. Do quiz. (see separate document)
  9. Read on into chapter 6. Make notes on the ways in which the author builds an atmosphere first of all of tranquillity, then gradually increases the tension. Looking at vocabulary, sentence structure, specific features of Hang Wood, light, noises etc.
  10. Now read the Hang Wood section (chapters 6-9)– as you go make notes on the different little scenes between the two boys, like who gets the upper hand, how the balance of their relationship seems to change and what you learn about the character of each of them.
  11. Read the storm section: bottom of p 104 to the bottom of page 107. How is Hooper’s fear different in character from Kingshaw’s? How does he deal with it? What does Kingshaw do? How does it affect Hooper afterwards? Why is Kingshaw baffled?
  12. In the section pages 108-110 what is the difference between Kingshaw and Hooper’s beliefs about life after death? What difference do you think it has made to their development as human beings? How does it affect Kingshaw?
  13. In what way does the finding of the pool mark a turning point in the nature of the relationship between the two boys? Pages 115-126
  14. Page 127 is the second time Kingshaw has been tempted to do something to Hooper – what happens here and what was the first time?
  15. In chapter 8 how does Hoper begin to reassert himself? How does he demonstrate that knowledge is power?
  16. How does Kingshaw prove himself the superior moral being in this chapter?
  17. Chapter 9 marks the final moments of peace and truce between them – where does Kingshaw go and when there what does he wish? How does the author evoke the atmosphere of this place?
  18. Chapter 10 breaks the fragile truce between them. In what ways do they both act like the small boys they are? What is surprising about the adults response to the situation? How does Mrs Kingshaw inadvertently hit the nail on the head? Now that it’s over how does Charles view the wood? What does Mrs K’s withholding of information make her son feel?
  19. What bombshell drops on Charles in Chapter 11? Why is this the last straw for him? This prompts a particularly nasty incident of bullying. What happens? What does Kingshaw’s dream tell us?
  20. Chapter 12 and the visit to Leydell Castle. Finally Kingshaw gets then upper hand – how? Why is his behaviour so surprising? Page 190 is Kingshaw’s third temptation what is it? How has he reacted each time? Why? What have we learned about Kingshaw’s own response to power?


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