Fielding Character Study

  1. Where did Fielding and Kingshaw first meet? P173
  2. Why did Kingshaw think something would happen to him? P174
  3. What first difference is there between the two boys?
  4. Twice on these pages Kingshaw feels something about Fielding’s knowledge about him – how does he describe it? P174-5
  5. How does Kingshaw describe Warings?
  6. How does show that he is ignorant of country things?
  7. How do Kingshaw and Fielding act like normal boys? P176
  8. How does Fielding take charge?
  9. What immediate difference comes to mind about the way that he takes charge and the way that Hooper would have? P176-7
  10. What does Kingshaw mean when he says he was mesmerised?
  11. What emotion does Kingshaw feel about the birth of the calf? P178
  12. How does Fielding show his sensitivity to Kingshaw’s feelings about the turkeys at Christmas?
  13. Why does Kingshaw feel numb?
  14. What differences are there between Kingshaw and Fielding’s mothers? P179
  15. Kingshaw confides in Fielding about Hooper – what simple answer does he give him? P180
  16. How does Fielding feel about Kingshaw having been in Hang Wood?
  17. Although he tries Kingshaw is unable to make Fielding understand his horror of Hooper. What kinds of things does Fielding say to Kingshaw? P181
  18. What does he have difficulty conveying to Fielding?
  19. How does Kingshaw feel physically about Hooper’s impending return from hospital
  20. Kingshaw tell Fielding about having to go to Hooper’s school. Why hasn’t he told him before? P182
  21. What word does Fielding use to describe Kingshaw’s attitude?
  22. What false hope does Fielding offer Kingshaw? P183
  23. How does Kingshaw feel about his relationship with Fielding?
  24. How does Kingshaw react when his mother tells him she has invited Fielding to tea? P210-211
  25. Why does he react this way?
  26. What similarity is there between Hooper and Kingshaw’s attitude to things at this point?
  27. What is the significance of, ‘So that was the last thing.’?
  28. How does Fielding show concern for Kingshaw on this page? P215
  29. Why didn’t Kingshaw go?
  30. How does Fielding feel about Kingshaw’s reluctance to go with them?
  31. How do you think Fielding would have felt after hearing about Kingshaw’s suicide?
  32. Do you think he might have been able to prevent it?


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