Cover deconstruction of new magazine Nuts inaugural issue Jan 16-22 2004

Top left corner PUFF new

Then across top edge world’s first men’s weekly

Name of magazine –NUTS graphic connotations, in large red 3D effect letters

Large round orange flash FREE grab yours although shouting this loudly it does explain that the usual price will be £1:20

Celebrity glamour model NELL MCANDREW in tame pose, body angled slightly, right shoulder back a little face tilted so that her nose is off centre and she looks at the readers out of the corners of her eyes, eyes quite wide mouth slightly parted, teeth just visible, wearing a sport low front top, some cleavage, right thumb just hooked into waistband of shorts or jogging pants

Inset square photo of David Beckham bottom left corner

Inset bottom right a yellow open top sports car

Three one­word flash headline captions:


Each accompanied by an exclamation mark suggesting that these three are the mag’s essential topics. Each in white capitals on red background.

Innuendo within phrases: GRAB YOURS / WARM YOUR COCKLES

Back cover quite important in that the advert is full page for Hugo Boss fragrance, showing a young man maybe 20 years of age with designer stubble in close up but with blurred focus hand framing face with ‘YOUR RULES‘ written on his hand somewhat below the slogan YOUR FRAGRANCE.. Showing quite clearly that his magazine is aimed at young men who are not ashamed to be interested in the things in this mag. Perhaps indicating that this magazine is going to rewrite the rules for men’s magazines, as they are doing by being weekly at least.

Over all quite a busy front cover but clearly indicating the three continuous themes of the magazine.just inside the front cover more glossy colour photos of a few more subjects: weird photos, real life, true stories, hard ware and a TV guide. The character of the photos shows that there is going to be an emphasis on unusual angles or action shots.

The mission statement: the target audience will be interested in sexy women, gritty real life stories, sport news and TV listings BLOKES apparently want to be amused not depressed, controversy not boredom and no more Llewellyn Bowen! In a matey good­humoured way men are going to be entertained.

Inside the contents divides into 5 sections:






Including offers and gadgets

It’s here that the women will go

An easy to follow and man-friendly guide


Motor racing


More footie

Jokes and top ten lists

Samples of language

Blokes / chaps / blimey/ ‘ Result’ / tells cracking stories / (the snake) shrinks and expands according to how cold he is(sound familiar?) / Aussie / bog / go home with nowt / telly


Less than 12.5% is text the rest is pictures

Captions are funny and sarcastic

Quality of photographs is very high

Quite a bit on war, whether it be machines, soldiers or warlike leaders

Attention to detail: facts and statistics on cars and guns

Centre fold but not in the centre of front cover model

Interview does have the questions printed above the answers

TV choices include: motorcycle smashes;girls; south Park; guns and girls; war films, documentaries and programmes about war! The Fast Show’s spin off;football; the SAS; Real sex etc

Unique conventions

One word flash captions all over the place text and articles. Either yellow with black block caps font or red with yellow font. Very funny irrelevant comments or captions on photosTaking a leaf out of Playboy’s Readers’ Wives sections here we have girls being encouraged to send in pictures to get a photo shoot opportunity


Amusingly written and entertaining, inoffensive, witty and sarcastic. Reads a bit like Jeremy Clarkson! Despite assumptions the variety of programmes recommended for viewing is quite eclectic!

Target audience:

Although one might at first assume this was for the working class male, the sort of Sun reader, it is actually a reasonably intelligent offering and although its reliance on pictures is quite heavy, the style and vocabulary of the text is friendly, informative and engaging, it is not laddish – no emphasis on bad behaviour or drinking just good clean fun; it also does not generally degrade women within its pages and quite honestly women can read it without feeling offended or embarrassed.


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