Video games questionnaire

Video games questionnaire – Answer these on your chosen ‘game’

What is the name of the game?


What kind of game is it?


Who makes it?


How much does it cost?


Who is its target audience?


How is it marketed and in what media? E.g. magazine / TV etc / viral / print / film clip…


How can, and did you buy it?


How is it packaged? e.g. images, wording etc


Is it a solo game? Y/N


If no – how can others play?


What pleasures do players get out of it?


How can you improve?


What kind of platform is it played on?


Where would you play it?


Can you extend it or add on? How?


Can you do anything else with it? E.g is there a magazine/ fansite etc


What constraints are there e.g. time / computer power etc?


Identify any potential problems which may arise from using it / playing it etc



Now compare two games. Look at:

  • Aim of the game
  • Purpose e.g. conflict / competition
  • Representations of conflict and competition:
    through graphic styles, narrative, structure, sound and visuals
  • Backstory and its use
  • Realism
  • Opening sequence
  • Locations
  • Atmosphere
  • Intertextual references
  • Representation of characters
  • Sound
  • Freedom to interact with your environment
  • Choices you can make


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