Revision Quotations – Miracles


‘These are written that you may believe’ John 20    

‘A coincidence can be taken religiously as a sign and called a miracle.’ RF Holland

‘We ought to believe things are as they seems unless we have good evidence we are mistaken.’ Swinburne

‘A miracle is not so much a breach of the laws of nature, but rather a remarkable or exceptional occurrence which brought an undeniable sense of the presence and power of God.’ Charles Harold Dodd

‘Miracles don’t break natural laws but point out our limited understanding.’ John Hick


‘Transgression of a law of nature by a particular volition of the deity or by the interposition of some invisible agent.’ Hume

‘Miracles are wish-fulfilment and that God is not an external reality but a projection of our nature or desires.’ Feuerbach

‘Miracle is the word we use to describe any beneficial events that we can’t explain.’ John Hick


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