Religious language 2007

‘Religious language raises very difficult if not impossible problems.’

Discuss this statement by examining two of the following: analogy, verification or falsification. (The question could also ask for myth and symbol.)


The problems that arise from the topic of religious language are to do with the fact that we use the same words in everyday life that we do to express opinions about the world, the universe and God. We use ordinary language to describe extraordinary things; using the language of the phenomenal world about the numinous.


The group called the Logical positivists objected to the use of religious language on the grounds that the assertions it makes such as ‘God exists’ or ‘God loves me’ are meaningless on the basis that they cannot be verified analytically or synthetically.


Another problem is that religious assertions are often paradoxical e.g. the possibility of life after death surely is a contradiction in terms, life is life, death is death; how can there be life after death. The idea is preposterous and therefore meaningless.


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