Quotations for the teleological argument

DarwinThere seems to be no more design in the variability of organic beings…than in the way the wind blows.’


Russell Stannardthere seems to be some conspiracy to fix the conditions!


Aquinas said: ‘Something causes in all other things their being, their goodness, perfections… and this is what we call God.’ and ‘Goal directed behaviour is observed in all bodies obeying natural laws, even when they lack awareness.’


Isaac Newton declared that rational reflection on the orderliness of nature had convinced him that there must be a: ‘being, incorporeal, living, intelligent, omnipresent.’


Swinburne agreed with Paley that the: ‘regularities of co-presence and succession‘ that he had seen in nature e.g. where all parts of plants combine to enable the plant to function and reproduce itself, seem to suggest that it is not all a cosmic accident.


Mackie said: ‘The further postulation of a God…is a gratuitous addition to this solution.’


Hume: ‘…our experience, so imperfect and so limited… can afford us no probable conjecture concerning the whole of things.’


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