Gender, age and disability in tv drama 2009

Gender in Primeval ITV 1 drama series 3 2009

Episode         from 1:17 – 8:43

Men dressed in black ops outfits; rifles

Low angle shots of security agent running along corridor

Boys doing boy things – playing by another name!!

Lester: pin stripe suit; striped shirt, red tie

Abby: short spiky blonde hair orange coverall doing martial arts

Sarah (Egyptologist) long hair;

Lab; equipment; imposing


Age in ‘All The Small Things’ BBC drama series 2009

Episode 6/6 from 15:00 -20:00

Children: Fred, Georgia, Kyle, Grace and other school kids

Age difference between Jake and Esther and Sofja and Nemanje



Disability in ‘All The Small Things’

From 25:00

‘Shrek’ – stutters; autistic

Phoebe – swarf

Jake – aloholic

Kyle – social recluse; autistic

Layla – dysfunctional


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