Agnosticism and Atheism

  • Agnostics claim it is impossible to know whether what religion refers to is true or not
  • Atheism is a system of beliefs which denies the existence of God
  • H Kung: “Atheism cannot be eliminated rationally. It is unproved but also irrefutable …If someone says ‘there is no God,’ this claim cannot be positively refuted.”
  • Atheists like Russell suggested that discussing the existence of God was pointless
  • Sceptics or agnostics at least have caused theists to refine and purify in an attempt to rationally present evidence or proof of their faith.
  • Sceptics but particularly atheists have looked at the behaviour of religious believers and suggested possibly rightly that no credit has accrued to these religions through:










strife etc.


  • D Jenkins: “Looked at coolly it is plain that so far… religious people and institutions are strong and persistent contributors to the case for atheism.”
  • Conclusion: no one group has a monopoly of the truth. All need to enter into dialogue to learn from each other, to grow in tolerance and understanding. God gave us free will! Who knows who ultimately is right?


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