Recent news items – 2008

24/4 /08
NUT strike: ITV no explanation of reasons for strike action – interviews with lots of parents inconvenienced.

Housing market slowdown – report accompanied by screech of brakes sound effect.


May 08
Fritzl the 73 year old Austrian who kept his daughter a prisoner for 24 years and fathered 7 children by her.

Eastenders had a story of someone who was kidnapped and kept locked in a cellar but aired it anyway.

Salacious detail of the real cellar, computer graphics and graphic detail about how small it was, the lack of headroom etc his detailed preparations, pictures of him on holiday, the number of locks preventing escape.

Update as Fritzl comes to trial March 2009


Kojo – murderers sentenced though some only young teenagers; funeral and mourners; French mother’s tears; point about accomplices as guilty as those who dealt the fatal blow.


Burma cyclone disaster


Enigmas and resolutions

News for 12th May 2008


Item 1
International news China earthquake centred in Chengdu

  • Anchor Huw Edwards
  • Brian Hanrahan in studio, cgi, potted lecture on earthquake theory
  • Reporter on spot Alex Somerville v/o of Chinese TV footage
  • Mobile phone footage
  • Chinese TV rescuers airlifted in to area
  • Outside broadcast with Michael Bristol video phone dark location
  • Studio Brian Hanrahan – with back to camera while looking at screen
  • Interview with US Geological Survey
  • Interview with expert professor
  • Footage from Chinese TV of survivors sleeping in open
  • Back to anchor and more info on website

Item 2

Item 3
Burma cyclone 10 days on clear comment on B’s gov’s policy ‘high risk for survivors’ of not allowing foreign aid in any quantity and few aid workers.

Item 4
free debates for MPs on subjects like abortion, stem cell research etc

Item 5
Man stabbed in Oxford Street

Item 6
Race relations tension in Pendle Lancs

Item 7
Sex and the City world premiere in London


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July 3rd

man drives bulldozer into cars and people in Jerusalem (see attendant articles)


July 8th 08
BBC top execs pay rises of over £100,000 p.a. BBCs Jana Bennett £536,000 including pay rise, bonus and pension top up.

Dawn Airey ITV £450,000 basic plus annual bonus up to 1 ½ times basic salary!!

But licence fee rise reduced and OFCOM investigation and fine on phone in scams!!


Feb 25th 09
First item on the BBC 6 o’clock news is the death of David and Samantha Cameron’s 6 year old severely disabled son Ivan.


March 22nd 2009 Jade Goody dies; Gordon Brown PM sends condolences to family; News refers to her as a ‘star’ but was she? Shilpa Shetty’s message ‘I am deeply saddened.’ 10 minutes, some of it live on 6 o’clock news on Mothers Day, an overview of a life lived in the public eye.


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