News – some good quotations

Andrew Goodwin suggests that ‘the real issue is whether the range of biases represented is fair


John Fiske notes that ‘News, of course, can never give a full, accurate objective picture of reality nor should it attempt to, for such an enterprise can only serve to increase its authority and decrease people’s opportunity to “argue” with it, to negotiate with it.


I F Stone argues that ‘most of the time, objectivity is just the rationale for regurgitating the conventional wisdom of the day


Daniel Chandler cites that a correspondence has often been reported between the order of importance which the media give to ‘issues’ and the order of significance attached to them by the public and by politicians.


Stuart Hall notes that ‘journalists speak of “the news” as if events select themselves.


Richard Hoggart argued that the most important filter through which news is constructed is ‘the cultural air we breathe, the whole ideological atmosphere of our society…


John Fiske notes that ‘All television channels or networks use an early evening news programme to lead into their prime-time schedules. This is designed to draw the male of the household into the TV audience… though it often ends with a “softer” item that is intended to bring the female back into the audience.


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