Ideological views of gender

If we think that magazines challenge the dominant ideological values that women are expected nowadays both to have a career and to want a family then why do mag covers invariably portray sexy, alluring, beautiful, provocative young women whose only job or career is probably modelling or fashion or music industry based (i.e. women’s jobs) and not executive women or female MPs? Surely the message of the front cover is suggesting that we can be like this if we follow the advice in the mag and yet we know deep down we will never look like this and probably wouldn’t want to anyway!

Why do women need to look beautiful?

To attract men! Why does this matter? Because society regards women without a man or partner as ‘odd’ and therefore the magazines ‘toe’ the party or dominant ideological line.

Why do the magazines have articles on makeup? Fashion? Sex? Because they are reinforcing society’s view that women need to be attractive, good in bed and well-dressed. Why? So that the magazines can sell advertising space!

Ask yourself the question – who is left out by these magazines? Also do we feel better for buying them? For a short time we may and then we feel disappointed but only with ourselves not the magazine, until the next issue, then same again; but we never question the rightness of the views being foisted off on us – that we should all be thin, fit, pretty and wear nice clothes and be interested in….


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