Intertextuality – when one text refers to another or to current events


  • Life of Brian
  • Monty Python and the holy Grail
  • Shrek (Lord Farquaad and his kingdom which is just like Disney land so Disney were sending themselves up – it’s a small world!!)
  • Stargate SG1 and the cover up programme Wormhole Xtreme!!

Pastiche – a medley of existing themes / forms / styles…


Bricolage – giving a new meaning to an old form

  • Western – Firefly / Wild, Wild West
  • Vampire / Gothic Horror – Twilight

Simulacra – created artificial life forms / places etc. The boundaries of artificial and reality blur.

Associated with Jean Baudrillard’s belief that technological progress effects social change. Influenced by Marxism but believed that consumption not production drives capitalist society.

Hyperreality – fulfilment found through fantasy rather than reality; people who send flowers to dead soap characters.

  • The film 300, live action filmed in front of green screen then CGI’d in after!!
  • Vegas and the Venice Casino
  • Second Life
  • Touched up magazine photos
  • Reality TV
  • Baudrillard regarded Main Street at Disney World as a major example


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