Charity coursework – stage one

I suggest you do it on the computer so you can add to it or amend it later if needed.

1) Introduction to your coursework

First write about and describe the task set e.g.

For our coursework for AS Media we were set the task of devising a new charity (or re-badging an existing one), including its name, logo and slogan and designing at least six advertisements in a themed campaign.

I chose…….

Here explain:

  • What charity you decided to work on
  • How you chose its name
  • How you chose and designed its logo and slogan, explain all decisions made

Now link this to research you have done in class

E.g. In preparation for our own charity campaigns in class we looked at… see below…

2) How to write up your charity research findings.

We have looked at:

  • 2 junk mail campaigns
  • lots of leaflets
  • Barnardos
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Wonder bra – age concern
  • Unicef
  • The Leonard Cheshire Foundation leaflet
  • Etc

Your write up is to summarise what you have learned about the techniques charities use to raise awareness, raise money and induce guilt.

Look for examples of images used and what effects they have on people.

Look for examples of language used e.g. imperatives, urgency, demand for immediate response, emotive language, words that induce guilt, sympathy or whatever.

Discuss attitudes to adverts, those that were complained about, on what grounds, why taken off, what constrains advertisers.

Consider whether these adverts portray the sufferers as victims or do they aim to empower them? (E.g. the Leonard Cheshire leaflet)

3) Add to this research what you specifically have done for your own campaign

…now; this should include websites you have found, examples of past ad campaigns and purposes of existing charities in this field

4) Now add the summary of the questionnaire results

…and what you have learned from them and how you intend to incorporate them into your own campaign if possible.

5) Finally for the planning bit of your log

… a brief description of what artefacts you have decided to make and why. All technical details e.g. specific locations for artefacts, shots, text used, colours, camera angles used etc go in your production log.


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