Charity Advertising

You will be given an envelope the kind which comes through your door from a charity.


On paper:

  • Comment on the envelope and everything which is on the outside or visible from the outside e.g. colour / pictures / font / words used particularly examples of persuasive language etc
  • Now open it. How many items are included in the envelope and what are they? (list and describe each)
  • One by one analyse these items e.g. what is their purpose? How do they achieve it? What words are used? What specific techniques are employed to engage your interest and your support? Do they have a logo? Slogan?
  • Draw up a list of things necessary to a charity campaign – I’m looking here for a list of things you think all charity campaigns would have in common in terms of the techniques used and material posted to the consumer.
  • On paper write a critique of the leaflet you received in prose (i.e. not notes!)
  • With a partner (just one!) devise a questionnaire in which you would aim to find out, among other things, to which charities people give, how much, how often and why……. The answers to these questions will help you devise your own campaign.
  • Conduct your questionnaire among as wide a range of people as possible.
  • Write an evaluation of your findings – can be jointly done but must have a copy each.
  • Discuss in class.


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