Romeo and Juliet – Timeless elements

This tragic love story is always reckoned to be a timeless one. Why? What has it got that keeps it fresh and enduring and prevents it becoming old-fashioned and passé?


Well love of course, always an old favourite, especially young or first love.

Conflict within and between families, again something we can all relate to.

Parents who don’t understand – yes, we’ve all been there!


Forbidden relationships – always the most fun!

Self-sacrifice – a particular teenage form of angst! (It’s the ‘I told you so’ element!)

Suicide – morbidly, a very popular topic with teenagers!

Sex – good one that!

Horror – a sure fire crowd puller!

Humour – providing necessary light relief.

Deception and betrayal; violence and fight scenes; friendship; strong female characters; prejudice and discrimination.

And ultimately tragedy…….

    What more could you want?


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