Plot summary of I’m the King of the Castle

  1. We find out about the Hoopers and particularly the eldest one’s fascination with moths.
  2. The Kingshaws arrive; the interrogation of Charles and the fight. We find out about Edmund’s obsession with his battle plans and the nature of the relationship between father and son. We begin to learn about Charles’s fears.
  3. Charles goes for a walk and is attacked by a crow. The attack is witnessed by Edmund who devises a cruel method of further torturing Charles – the crow on the bed and Edmund’s sheer delight in it. We learn that Charles actually liked his school and why.
  4. Kingshaw finds a secret room. We find out about Mrs Kingshaw’s hopes and much more about Charles’s character; his weaknesses and his acceptance of his shortcomings. Hooper meanwhile finds the room and discovers Charles’ plan to run away. Mrs Kingshaw and Mr Hooper are getting on so well he decides to have a cocktail party and she throws herself into the planning of it.
  5. The adults go to London; Mrs K reveals her selfishness and we learn more about Charles’ feelings about his mother; Charles makes his bid for freedom and we see that he thinks of himself as a failure; how does this affect his chances? Why does he feel so strongly? He heads for Hang Wood. How does he feel once he’s inside? We also learn some things about his life at school.
  6. As Kingshaw enters Hang Wood his feelings are quite unexpected, both to him and to us. Note the style of writing, the emphasis on description and atmosphere. Then everything changes as Hooper intrudes. Forming an interlude in the novel this is an opportunity for the boys to work out their differences.


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