Of Mice and Men – Quotations

‘I ought to have shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to have let no stranger shoot my dog.’

‘You guys better go …A colored man got to have some rights even if he don’t like em.’

‘Guys like us that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world.’

‘He snivelled and his voice shook. I could of hoe’d in the garden and washed dishes…’

‘I had him so long. Had him since he was a pup.’

‘Think I don’t like to talk to somebody ever once in a while?’

‘I don’t like Curley. He ain’t a nice man.’

‘this here’s my room. Nobody got any right in here but me.’

‘I ain’t wanted in the bunkhouse, and you ain’t wanted in my room.’

‘s’pose you didn’t have nobody…?’

‘this is just a nigger talking and a back busted nigger.’

‘I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely.’

‘I coulda been somebody… I could a been in pictures.’

‘look Lennie if you just happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right back here and hide in the brush.’

‘Because I got you to look after me and you got me…’

‘Ever’ damn one of ’em’s got land in his head. An never a damn one of ’em ever gets it. Just like heaven… nobody ever gets to heaven and nobody never gets no land… it’s just in their head.’

‘Must be nice to have a room all to yourself this way.”

‘you god damn right we’re gonna do it.’

‘Ever’ body wants a little bit of land. Not much. Just somethin’ that was his.’

‘If you guys would want a hand to work for nothing – just his keep, why I’d come and lend a hand.’


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