A2 RE Quick Quizzes

Religious Language

  1. univocal, equivocal, analogical
  2. univocal – a word meaning only one thing
    equivocal – the same word used with a different meaning
    analogical – the meaning is conveyed using comparative words / parallels
  3. a phrase which is imaginative or symbolic but not literal
  4. a thing representing something like an idea or a quality
  5. because God is indefinable, infinite and ungraspable
  6. a thing indicating an occurrence or future state
  7. usually a story or poem which represents a message symbolically
  8. Adam and Eve, Noah and the rainbow, Jonah and the big fish



Soul / Life after death

  1. Rene Descartes
  2. I think therefore I am
  3. Dualism
  4. Socrates
  5. Socrates’ defence of the survival of the soul
  6. Theory of exact replicas
  7. The ephemeral spiritual body
  8. Richard Swinburne
  9. The Gnostics
  10. A transmittable unit of cultural inheritance



Existence of God

  1. Three out of: ritual, myth, doctrine, ethical, social, experiential
  2. ‘Exploring inner space’
  3. Ineffable
  4. William James 1901
  5. Rambo and Farhadian
  6. Total mystical consciousness
  7. Rudolph Otto
  8. Principles of credulity and testimony
  9. ‘What can be expected to turn out to be correct’
  10. ‘To do with being’



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